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Our Cloud-Based Time Sheets Service

Our Purpose

Timesheets.com provides web-based employee time sheets for every business - from small mom and pop shops all the way up to large corporations with multiple locations. Founded in the heart of the Silicon Valley in 2004 under the brand name TimeClockOnline.com, we continue today to provide a user friendly time, expense, and HR document tracking service. Timesheets.com has clients all over the United States with customers in more than 20 other countries.

Timesheets.com was originally designed to meet the needs of a small web development company with a handful of employees, but grew into a self-sustaining, stand-alone enterprise servicing customers from Accounting to Zoology and everything in between. Developed and maintained by the same tight-knit group of web developers since our humble, garage-like beginning, Timesheets.com stands poised to continue growth well into this second decade of the millennium.

Our Blog

Keeping up to date is never easy with information overload in today's fast and technological society. That's why we've got a blog - to help you stay informed of important industry information, as well as such mundane (yet very exciting to us) things like service enhancements and feature announcements. Visit our blog here: https://www.timesheets.com/blog/.

Our Focus on Providing a Quality Product

Timesheets.com focuses on 5 core values designed to provide customers with the very best possible service:

  • Savings: Our flat-rate prices are affordable, straight forward, and help clients realize a net savings through a reduction in the size of their payroll burdens and work load.
  • Simplicity: Our website design is intuitive and easy for employees and managers to use.
  • Support: A friendly technical support representative is just a phone call away - and always free.
  • Security: We protect our data with modern firewalls, backups, and other electronic measures. We don't store sensitive personal or payment data, leaving that task to the bank.
  • Speed: You and your employees can be up and running in just a few minutes without lengthy training or installations. Expect to save money on your payroll by the very first check date.


Your satisfaction is important to us. That's why we offer free phone support and product demonstrations. Please call us at (800) 770 4959.

Business Opportunities and Non-Profits

Timesheets.com is pleased to offer a non-profit discount. Timesheets.com is a proud member of the local Silicon Valley business community and supports various local, national and international causes through charitable donations and discounted or free services. Please contact us for more information.