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CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers love ProPartner benefits. As a ProPartner, you'll have everything you need to help clients improve profitability and streamline operations. We offer a personalized setup for each account, manager and staff training, and we provide ongoing support.  

Useful Tools for Your Business and Clients

Track Time for Payroll

View employee timesheets, review time off requests, monitor leave balances, and generate reports for your payroll process.

Track Time for Job Costing

Track time for billing, job-costing, and productivity. Workers can enter time using timers or with a time entry form. 

Expense Tracking

Keep track of reimbursable expenses, mileage, bonuses, and more. Upload receipts right from phones in real-time.

Cutting Costs and Staying Compliant

Return on Investment will save you more money each month than the cost of our service - making us an excelling investment. Eliminate time padding, overtime, payroll errors, and buddy-punching with a few simple settings.

Improved Documentation

Our service maintains a full audit trail that documents changes to every timestamp. Those audit records are stored within your account for easy access when needed. Audits aren't fun, but we make them easy. 

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