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HR, Payroll, and Employee Management Tips for Small Business Posts

5 Reasons to Start an Employee Wellness Program

business people practicing yoga in park

Contributed by Abby Drexler

Without the distractions of illness, fatigue, and low mood, employees can do their best work. This, however, is not reality for many American employees who struggle with sleep and mood problems, get sick often, and are generally sluggish. While people do need to take responsibility for their own health, employee wellness programs can offer employees a nudge in the right direction.

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The ABC Test for Independent Contractors Is Not a Federal Rule

abc checklist

The California Supreme Court recently ruled on a change to the test that a hiring entity must use in order to determine if a worker is an independent contractor or not. It’s a much stricter and, as a result, clearer test than what existed before or which exists now with the Department of Labor. Worker classification is notoriously nebulous. Now in California, the definition is much easier to interpret.

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Content Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners

Content is king imageContributed by Sophia Conti

You’ve probably heard that “content is king,” and maybe you’ve even started a blog in the hopes of grabbing a piece of the content marketing pie. As consumers become more immune to traditional sales pitches and advertising methods, companies must provide original content that is valuable to their target audience on its own merit – not just as a sales tool.

Creating content that is useful or entertaining to your target audience draws organic traffic and social media shares, increasing leads and conversions. Establishing and implementing a content marketing strategy takes time and thought, but there are ways to reap the benefits even with limited resources. This post will go through some key elements of content marketing and provide tools and resources for getting started on your content marketing journey.

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How to Handle Negative Reviews About About Your Company

Hopes and dreams shattered by bad review

Negative reviews are always pretty horrifying for a small business owner or head of marketing when they find one in their inbox. There’s this heart stopping feeling like your reputation is ruined and the business will cease to grow.

While negative reviews can indeed make your product or service look bad, these days, negative reviews are just a part of doing business. It’s best to keep calm and deal with them methodically, rather than freak out and make a rash rebuttal.

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DOL Opinion Letter On Travel Time Compensability

legal writing

The FLSA is a set of federal laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, and other important workplace practices. The rules aren’t always easy to understand, however, and sometimes they get misinterpreted by business owners and even by the courts. (As an example, the supreme court recently had to step in and give the final word on a type of overtime exemption.) This is why the Department of Labor has provided opinion letters to help clarify some of the more confusing scenarios.

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Small Business Tools for Social Media Management

Contributed by Sophia Conti

Businesses always feel pressure to do more with social media, whether it’s getting on a new platform, increasing followers, or developing new content. This is for good reason: the majority of consumers are on some form of social media, and it serves as a primary way for them to gather information. Social media marketing has been proven to increase sales and brand exposure.

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Why Women Entrepreneurs Are More Likely To Get Funding

woman entrepreneur

Contributed by Dennis Hung

The landscape of the modern-day workplace has evolved over the years. No longer are they gender-biased towards women. According to The 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report by American Express, 43 percent of all U.S. businesses with 50 to 99 employees are run by women. Like their male counterparts, these empowered female entrepreneurs must secure funding to get their business idea up and running. The good news, however, is that women often have an easier time at raising capital than men for the following reasons.

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Tools and Resources for Small Businesses Without HR Departments

woman managing business

Contributed by Sophia Conti

Small businesses are used to running on the bare essentials – and too often, those essentials do not include streamlined and well-planned human resources functions. Even larger businesses fail to establish HR protocols and standard operating procedures, believing it to be too expensive to implement for the minimal purpose it will serve. This often stems from a limited understanding of what human resources can accomplish and the benefits it yields for employer and employee alike.

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DOL’s Wage & Hour Violation Self Reporting Program

Talking through a problem

On March 6, 2018 the Department of Labor launched a pilot program allowing employers to audit their own pay practices and catch and report their own wage and hour mistakes. It’s called the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) Program and will operate for six months as a pilot program.

Prior to now, wage and hour mistakes would land employers in court where they would have to pay court and lawyer fees, back wages, and liquidated damages. With the PAID program, if mistakes are caught independently and in good faith, employers can avoid the extra costs and simply pay employees back for the mistakes made.

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