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  • 4 Ways to Set Up Your New Hire for Success

    Employer hired employee
    Contributed by James Mitchell

    Congratulations! You’ve finished the extensive search for a new employee and are ready to start reaping the benefits of having qualified help at your workplace. No more sifting through resumes and booking interviews. Now it is time to get to work. You want to jump in and let your new hire know all the ins and outs of the position, but what is the best way to get started? What can you as a manager or director do to help your new hire succeed? Also, what can you do to keep your employee successful long-term? On occasion, keeping great talent can be just as hard as finding it. How can you keep a great employee with your company or place of business?

  • 5 Tools for SMBs and Startups to Boost Productivity

    productivity applicationsContributed by: EZOfficeInventory

    Running a small business and taking it to new heights can be challenging. Delegating tasks to employees and staying on top of expenses is overwhelming, especially while running an SMB. There is hope. Making use of business tools will get your business on the right track and give you enough boost to accelerate its growth in no time!

  • Wage & Hour Best Practices to Keep Small Business Owners Out of Court

    hand open book of best practiceOwners of very small businesses often do everything themselves. They don’t have an HR person to tell them what’s legal and what’s not. They just have to try to keep up with the changing federal and state laws on their own. The problem with that is many of them don’t and, as a result, employers frequently have to deal with employment lawsuits. Employers can keep themselves out of trouble by following some time and attendance best practices:

  • Economic Recovery Hasn’t Happened for the High School Educated

    Employment change in the economic recoveryI have been working for Timesheets since the end of the recession and, over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the country’s job growth from an unsuspecting perspective – at least we here at Timesheets weren’t expecting it.

    Sometime around 2011 we started seeing more license upgrades, i.e. our customers were adding employees to their service. Every company needs to track time and as a company increases its workforce it also increases its need for time tracking. While our company always managed to gain new customers, even at the economy’s lowest point, we had never seen much activity with license upgrades until early 2011. At first we were stunned but it soon became apparent that the upgrades were correlating to job growth. This observation was pretty interesting to us. It was like evidence that the economy was indeed recovering. People were hiring and when they hired, they added those new employees to their time tracking service.

  • Pokemon Go in the Workplace

    Pokemon Go in the parkIn the two weeks since its release, Pokemon Go has already had 30 million downloads and generated 35 million dollars. It is already the biggest mobile game ever.

    With that kind of rapid growth I think it’s pretty obvious that people aren’t just playing Pokemon Go on weekends and after work. The unprecedented popularity of Pokemon Go could not have grown so quickly if everyone, responsibly, put down their phones for 8 or 9 hours each day. Nope. The fact is, people are playing the game when they’re supposed to be working.

  • Superb Customer Service Is Our Priority

    Customer service and communicationThere are more apps for more types of things than most of us need or can even imagine. Businesses use them to replace many of the, now antiquated, processes and services that businesses need. But with this shift comes a learning curve. Some internet apps are pretty basic but any application having to do with money is going to be a little more complex.

    We want to make the learning process as painless as possible. That’s why we offer several methods for learning and support. Whatever your preferred method of communication, we’ve got you covered. Our friendly staff is here to help you out via your preferred method. You can see in the reviews of our product that everyone is talking about our stellar customer service.

    Here are some of the ways you can get a hold of us and learn more:

  • The Paperless HR Department

    Old paper filesContributed by Celia Vincent

    A study by AIIM in 2014 placed the HR department third among the departments that are most resistant to going paperless (after the finance and legal departments, of course. No surprises there). The study almost makes the concept of a paperless HR department seem like a daydream, but we say it’s entirely possible. Here’s how:

  • Remote Work: Benefits & Management Strategies

    Remote managingTelecommuting is becoming as much a requirement as a perk these days. With so many single parent households, dual income families, and less help from extended families, taking off in the middle of the day is sometimes a necessity and making up for the time at home is the only way to put in a full week’s work.

    There was a time when more women stayed home with their kids. It was their job to do the shopping, pay the bills, cart the kids to sports, and attend meetings and conferences. There were no conflicts with work because this was their work. The kid’s needs were attended to without any interruptions at dad’s workplace.

  • View Employee Locations On a Map

    Clock punch location on a mapFor businesses whose employees work outside of the office, keeping track of their locations can be a daunting task. At the end of the day you get job tickets that list their locations but sifting through those tickets and matching them up with actual timecards is just about too difficult to even bother with. You pretty much have to believe that employees are where they say they are and that their timesheets are accurate.

    Thankfully, the days of written job tickets are over. Time spent on customer jobs is tracked online now and the employee’s location at those jobs for those customers are recorded along with them.

    Online software like greatly simplifies the tracking process by making it visual.

  • 5 Critical Benefits of Leveraging Company Culture to your Hiring Plans

    Flexible and productive working environmentContributed by Ryan Naylor, CEO

    While past generations were just grateful to have jobs in the midst of war and depression, the Millennials of today want much more than to just pay the bills. Having been raised in a time of financial prosperity and numerous advances in technology, their focus is not on job security. Instead, it’s on things like having a job they love, at a company with values they appreciate, using state-of-the-art technology, benefiting from awesome perks, feeling a sense of community and purpose, and more.

  • Comparing Vacation Time Around the World – Infographic

    Take a vacationWe all look forward to a break from work — a vacation that lets us relax and rejuvenate. However, in America paid time off is a privilege. There are no laws mandating that employers allow a certain amount of time off per year. What’s more, a study found that 51% of Americans do not take all their eligible time off and 61% work while they’re on vacation.

    Though it may be tempting to check in while you’re away, remember to cherish the time you do get off. After all, America has the seventh least vacation days behind Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, China, and Mexico.

  • How to Switch Salaried Employees to Hourly

    Switching fish bowlsIn light of the new overtime rule, employers will be switching many of their salaried employees over to hourly. A common misconception regarding an employee’s exemption status, i.e. whether the employee is hourly or salaried, is that if they perform certain job duties, they must be considered exempt. This is not true. The FLSA states that in order to be considered exempt an employee has to meet all of the following tests: