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HR, Payroll, and Employee Management Tips for Small Business Posts

Technology Is Transforming Employee Experience—And Here’s How

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When attempting to compete for and retain the best talent available, employee experience is the name of the game. 83% of HR leadership rate employee experience (EX) as “important” or “very important” to their overall business success. EX keeps employees engaged in their day-to-day work and satisfied with their current positions.

Improving employee experience is a widely-accepted aspect of business. It’s a great practice, yet an astonishingly low number of organizations actively put work into their EX programs. A majority (60%) of employees in the US have a channel for giving feedback. However, on their employee experience, only 30% report that their employer actually uses insights from their responses to enact a positive change.

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I’m a CEO. Here’s How I Run My Paperless, Work-From-Home Company From My iPhone

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In the last 15 years, I’ve generated less than one file cabinet drawer’s worth of paper. Most of that paper can be thrown out now, as everything is available online. None of us are strangers to the wonders of the internet at this point in our evolution, but it’s still no less remarkable. For many of us, the internet just kind of snuck up on us, but for others, the internet was attacked aggressively to achieve new possibilities. The latter applies to my business,, and how I’m able to manage my 20 office-less workers and several thousand customers from my phone.

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Is it legal to Cut an Employee’s Pay and Hours Because of COVID-19?

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Throughout the past few weeks the coronavirus has left the world empty and desolate. With lockdown measures and social distancing orders in place, people refrain from going to restaurants, communicating in-person, and going to work. As the nation adjusts to this austere new lifestyle, consumerism has slowed down immensely. Consumers are only buying the essentials, which means they aren’t spending like they used to. Of course, when people aren’t spending money, businesses don’t make money. Therefore, many business owners have had to make tough decisions to stay afloat.

To protect their businesses from the coronavirus, many business owners have adjusted employee hours and pay to save costs. In addition to that, some employers recently laid off and terminated employees. This is the unfortunate new reality that both employees and employers must face.

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Tracking Employee Time Effectively Doesn’t Require Magic

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Webinar: Best Practices in Time Tracking for Payroll: Tricks of the Time Tracking Gurus

Learn about ways to improve time tracking at your company by understanding the methods behind the magic. This course is a compilation of advice accumulated after more than 15 years of experience in helping customers integrate electronic time tracking into their company processes. Learn about how to address the human factors of implementing time tracking, the do’s and don’ts of good time tracking policies, and how to best implement a time off policy that satisfies both compliance and employee satisfaction.

Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time, March 12, 2020

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