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How Many Trees Does it Take to Make a Timesheet?

On the wall of every small businesses hung anywhere from two to ten 8×11 time sheets, documenting the hours the crew put in for the week. The time may have been rounded and some entries missing all together. The process was wasteful and inefficient.

Using a single sheet of paper for a single employee may seem innocuous but when we multiply this by the number of employees across the nation, the numbers are staggering.

How Many Sheets of Paper Used to Track Time

If a business employes 10 people who record their time each week on a regular 8×11 sheet of paper, then this single business uses about 500 sheets (1 reem) of paper each year.

By the calculations provided by, it only takes 16.6 businesses with 10 employees to use 1 whole tree. Now, according to the US Census, in 2004 there were almost 7 million paid employees in businesses employing from 5 to 9 people. (There are millions more employees in larger companies but I am only considering very small firms that are not likely to pay for costly timekeeping devises.) So, if each of these 7 million employees uses a new time sheet each week, then the country’s very small firms are cutting down 700,000 trees per year just on time sheets!

At we don’t think this kind of waste should continue. That’s why we are launching our new campaign to help businesses go green. We are contacting local small businesses and letting them know that for every 16 companies that eliminate paper timesheets we help save one tree.

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