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How We Contributed to the Haitian Relief Efforts

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All of us at are saddened by the devastating earthquake that took place last week in Haiti. The extent of losses in and around Port au Prince are staggering and will cost many millions to repair. The families who suffered losses will need much assistance both emotionally and monetarily.

It is important to come together and help in times of crisis but we must be careful to whom we hand out money. There are many thousands of so-called charities that are merely opportunists trying to make a buck on others misfortune. You can confirm the legitimacy of smaller charity organizations at

With so many options it can be difficult to chose a charity. We thought it might be helpful to hear which relief organizations we donated to. is distributing high protein biscuits from their warehouses in Haiti.

Doctors Without Borders have been helping the injured since the first days after the disaster.

Mercycorps is responding to immediate humanitarian needs like distributing water. They will continue to aid with trauma counseling for children.

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