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Customizable Reports for Projection, Progress, and Employee Habits

The suite of customizable reports that comes as a part of every account can reveal so many things about your company, such as how often how often your employees are late and from where they typically clock in or out. A simple report can estimate payroll costs to keep you on top of staffing issues. And when employees track time against projects, you’ll be able to measure the progress based on project budget allowances.

Overtime Reports time tracking is a powerful tool for companies that want to make smart business decisions based on real data. For example, an article in the New York Times discussed different strategies business owners use to determine when it’s time to hire new employees. Looking at overtime trends over time can help a manager see that his business is growing and that he needs to hire another hand.

Tardy Reports

Some employees might seem to be late frequently but when you actually look at the numbers, you find they’re really within reasonable bounds. Other employees are undoubtedly late all the time and the numbers prove it. Printing out a Tardy Report can help bring your employees back on track.

Payroll Costs

Projecting payroll costs can forestall a financial crisis when times get tough. Throughout a pay period, a manager can quickly run reports to see real-time payroll costs and determine if overtime will be permitted or if some of the staff need to be sent home.

Project Progress

Projects for clients usually have a budget. You can run reports based on an hours worked budget or a billing budget. Either way, you’ll be able to see where a project stands with regard to client needs.

Other Reports

There are many reports in the Timesheets suite of reports and many ways to configure each of them, making for a wide variety of reports to match just about any need.

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