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If you’ve heard of Heartbleed, you might be wondering if your sensitive data was at risk. It was not.

The Heartbleed bug was a security vulnerability to the popular encryption technology called Open SSL, which potentially enabled attackers to eavesdrop on transmitted data, such as passwords, and steal this and other data. The bug was discovered on April 7th, 2014.

It is unknown if any attackers had discovered the bug and breached any systems through it. does not use Open SSL to transmit secure data.

However, while you don’t need to change any Timesheets passwords, you may want to consider changing other passwords on the internet. Mashable presented a list of some of the larger companies who were affected by the Heartbleed bug and suggested on which websites you might want to change passwords.

The Heartbleed bug and security breaches in general are very serious in our age of online services. Nearly everyone conducts some kind of business online and uses an online email client. If someone were to steal your password to Instagram, for example, they could possibly do a lot more harm than post silly pictures to your account. Since people often use the same password from service to service, an attacker might be able to get into your email. If this were to happen, the attacker could gain access to other accounts. They could make online purchases with your account, bring your business website down, and transfer files to and from your computer (via Dropbox, for example). Password theft is a serious issue and this bug should be taken seriously.

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