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Digital Signatures on the Timesheet

It kind of defeats the paper-saving purpose to have employees log their time in the cloud and then sign printed timesheets. And, these days, it’s not even necessary. Employees can sign their timesheets online with digital signatures.

Digital Signatures Are the Norm

Businesses are using electronic signatures for a host of purposes these days. The home buying process, for example, as well as many other legal processes, utilize e signatures. Payroll and HR are also going paperless. Employees can sign timesheets electronically so that the verification is saved along with their digital payroll records. It’s easy, quick, and eliminates paper waste.

How electronic signatures work on the timesheet

In, employees sign individual records or the whole timesheet at once. When a manager makes an edit to a record, the digital signature is then void. At this point, the employee needs to sign the record again. This keeps the signatures up to date and accurate, which is important if an employer or attorney ever needs to review the veracity of records.

Digital signatures are easy with!

Free online timesheets

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