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5 Ways to Improve Employee Development at Your Company

Contributed by: Kristin Savage

Employees working together

Every company wants to ensure that they make carefully considered investments. Employees, for instance, are one of the most valuable investments a business can make. Employers spend copious amounts of time and resources ensuring that their employees are properly trained and that they are provided with adequate benefits. Employers hope that this ensures long-term employee retention and that it will fortify the company’s overall future.

While it might be partially up to your employees to improve and develop their skills, it is also up to you, the employer, to ensure that you provide opportunity. Here are some ways to achieve that:

1. Set a good example

First and foremost, you need to think about how your actions reflect the entire workplace. Employees see you as a strong leader, and they’ll reflect what you’re putting into the company. If you wish others in your company to invest time and effort into bettering themselves and their abilities, you need to start by working on yourself. Participate in conferences, take online seminars, and be present at interdepartmental meetings. As a result, you are demonstrating to your employees that you wish to be an informed and active participant in your company’s day-to-day operations.

2. Promote a positive company culture

The culture of your company plays a very important role in your employee development. An inclusive environment, where all employees are respected, is bound to foster a more productive atmosphere. When working in a place where people feel included, respected, and accounted for, employees are bound to be more productive and determined.

Once again, as the leader of your company, you need to make sure that you set a good example that everyone will be able to follow. Treat everyone equally by offering learning and advancement opportunities to all. Support and guide your employees in order to help them make the right decisions for the common good of the company.

3. Use meetings as a means of promoting knowledge

When facilitated correctly, meetings can strengthen the bond between a team and make everyone feel included. It can be a space where each employee has the chance to present an achievement. Employees can even discuss their problems, successes and ask for feedback on their recent work-related actions. These are potential learning opportunities that can be perfect for your remote employees as well, as they will have the chance to showcase their work. They will also be able to share their knowledge and motivations with anyone else who needs to work from home, as most people are these days. Employee development doesn’t have to stop for those working from home. There are plenty of ways for you to promote their growth, such as through online seminars and webinars.

4. Seek out development opportunities for everyone

Development and learning opportunities can present themselves through a plethora of ways for both you and your employees. Depending on your company’s needs, you can attend physical or online seminars and webinars, short or long-term courses, and other programs that will allow you and your employees to learn new skill sets.

Here are a few webinar and course resources that businesses find helpful:

Employees have different backgrounds and may come into the company with different experience and knowledge. In order to develop a well-rounded and knowledgeable team, it’s vital that you provide employees with learning opportunities. You can motivate your team to work smarter and more productively while simultaneously bettering their skills.

5. Focus on giving and receiving feedback

Providing feedback is one of the most important things you can do in order to make sure that your employees are on the right path to developing their skills. This is why many employers utilize Human Resource systems to document employee annual reviews, notes, commendation letters, and more. Documenting employee progress professionally is the perfect way to provide well-thought-out feedback about an employee’s work. HR documentation ensures that you have an organized way to track and evaluate employee progress.

Along with employee documentation, it’s also important to receive feedback from employees. As a manager or owner of a company, you should prioritize how your employees feel about workflows and internal relationships. Using surveys, you can understand the mindset of your employees and will gain knowledge regarding their likes and dislikes. Using this feedback, you can take steps to improve company culture and improve employee development.

Employee Development- The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Being the example everyone wants to follow when it comes to self-improvement and professional development is going to work in your favor. Your employees will follow your lead by finding ways to improve themselves and the company they work for.

Additionally, It is also important to be a positive influence through online meetings by offering your remote workforce learning opportunities. Encourage them to sign up for conferences and workshops where they can develop and work on their skills so they never feel excluded from opportunities.

About the Author: Kristin Savage, a freelance writer, nourishes, sparks, and empowers using the magic of a word. While pursuing her degree in creative writing, Kristin gained experience in the publishing industry, with a focus on marketing strategy for publishers and authors.

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