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Timesheets Partners With Gusto to Provide Integrated Payroll Functionality

The world is changing. Well, let’s be honest – the world is always changing, right? So the question is, are the changes good and helpful? Or are they creating more problems, red tape, and frustration?

In our case, today is one of those good days where things are getting better. At least for customers. That’s because we’re going to be one of the first companies to offer a fully embedded payroll solution to our time-tracking clients built right into our software – and we’re going to do it with gusto! Errr, make that Gusto with a capital “G”, the hip San Francisco payroll, benefits, and HR provider who’s rolling out their new embedded payroll solution that will allow us to integrate their payroll functionality directly into our existing service. The integration will provide customers with a seamless business process that begins with clocking in and ends with W2s – all from a sole provider with one low price.

The World Is Getting Better…

Our time tracking for hourly workers is already fast, easy, and full of great features, but has long sought to include a fully embedded payroll function. This feature would complement our time tracking, scheduling, and expense reporting to complete the most commonly used business apps – all under a single platform and billing plan. No expensive, complex, or feature-lacking integrations required. And that’s what we mean when we say the world is getting better.

After an extensive search, selected Gusto as their partner because of their expansive API, company size relative to, and stellar reputation in the marketplace. The to Gusto addition will roll out to clients later this year or early in 2022. You’ll have to check back to get a more formal date – but it’s coming your way and it’s going to be fabulous.

Have questions? Learn more about Gusto’s Embedded Payroll integration here. is an easy-to-use online time and expense tracking tool for payroll and billing. Start your FREE trial today to see how it works! No credit card required.

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