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About Us was founded in the heart of the Silicon Valley in 2004 by the Cal Poly educated, independently business savvy, Joel Slatis. His coder, Anthony Galano, and web developer, Forest Walz, have worked with Joel since its inception and, while the company has grown since then, this same group of guys manages the development and maintenance of the software.

Joel’s insight into small business, Anthony’s obsession with elegant code, and Forest’s exceptional eye for beauty enabled them to create an intuitive time tracking software which is powerful enough to suit the needs of the growing business. Today, their software is valued by thousands of the nation’s hardest-working small business owners. Stretching over Canada, the US, and several other countries worldwide, serves businesses ranging in size from 1 to 500 employees, with the majority being small companies with under 100 employees.

Peggy Emch has been the author of the Timesheets Blog since 2009. If you have a business blog, product, or service and are interested in doing a blog exchange or submitting a guest post please contact me! peggy @ timesheets . com.