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Author: Danielle Feiger

Payroll Report: Overlapping Records and How to Fix Them

When closing payroll periods, accuracy is key!  Several recent studies have shown that inaccurate payroll can affect company branding, reputation, and retention. In fact, a study by Kronos stated that 24% of employees will seek new employment after the first payroll mistake and 25% will leave after the second mistake. Therefore, you’re going to want to ensure that you keep mistakes to a minimum if you want to keep employees happy and dedicated. Luckily, has built-in warnings and hard stops to highlight possible errors, which allows you to correct errors prior to paying staff.

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A Year of Lockdown: How to Help Your Employees Stay Sane

For most of us, life changed dramatically nearly one year ago, in March 2020. As the one-year anniversary of the life-changing pandemic nears, you may find you or someone you know hitting a wall. These are challenging times that require extra grace, kindness, and compassion. As a business owner, supervisor, or manager, riding the waves of the pandemic storm also includes maintaining employee engagement. Here’s how you can help your staff stay sane as the pandemic rages on.

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