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Category: Accruals & Time Off

Vacation Payout in California is Mandatory but Offering Vacation Isn’t

This might sound contradictory at first. Why would you have to pay out vacation if you don’t even have to offer vacation to begin with?

Well, if you choose to offer vacation, you have to follow some rules. You don’t actually have to offer vacation in California at all if you don’t want to (although, it is a perk that employees find desirable so maybe you should!) but if you do decide to implement some vacation benefits, you’ve got to stick to it till the end.


How Much Paid Vacation Time and Paid Holidays to Offer Employees

how much vacation time should an employee get

Employees need to take short breaks during the day to recharge during work. If they don’t, they can become burnt out and less productive. Likewise, employees need longer breaks during the year to recharge on an even deeper level. Offering paid vacation time can improve an employee’s long term health and well being within the company.