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Category: Employee Management

Standards for Attendance in Business

Roll call

Attendance policies vary greatly from one company to the next. Some are strict, some are lenient and, within some companies, attendance policies are altogether non-existent. The need for a strict attendance policy depends on the nature of the business, on the position of the employee, and on the shift during business hours. There is no one size fits all attendance policy. That being said, it’s nice to know what types of policies are out there and how lenient or strict other companies are. The following are some of the policies I’ve heard of and how some companies go about disciplining their employees for attendance problems.

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8 Ways to Help Employees Remember to Clock In

Post it note clock in reminderMissing timecards and incomplete timesheets are one of the biggest employee management hassles. Employees have to be paid for time they work, regardless of inadequate record keeping, and so, if timesheets are not turned in, someone has to go chasing after them. This can take up ridiculous amounts of time depending on the size and dispersion of a team.

If you’re a manager trying to reduce your wasted time, be proactive and offer your employees some of the following helpful tips.
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Pokemon Go in the Workplace

Pokemon Go in the parkIn the two weeks since its release, Pokemon Go has already had 30 million downloads and generated 35 million dollars. It is already the biggest mobile game ever.

With that kind of rapid growth I think it’s pretty obvious that people aren’t just playing Pokemon Go on weekends and after work. The unprecedented popularity of Pokemon Go could not have grown so quickly if everyone, responsibly, put down their phones for 8 or 9 hours each day. Nope. The fact is, people are playing the game when they’re supposed to be working.

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How to Manage Remote Workers and Why You Might Want To

Remote managingTelecommuting is becoming as much a requirement as a perk these days. With so many single parent households, dual income families, and less help from extended families, taking off in the middle of the day is sometimes a necessity and making up for the time at home is the only way to put in a full week’s work.

There was a time when more women stayed home with their kids. It was their job to do the shopping, pay the bills, cart the kids to sports, and attend meetings and conferences. There were no conflicts with work because this was their work. The kid’s needs were attended to without any interruptions at dad’s workplace.

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6 Tips for Turning Your Employees into Leaders

Contributed by Brittany Goodwin

Every company needs exceptional workers. Your employees are what drives your business and what helps it run efficiently. They have the power to make or break your growth and profitability. Naturally, you’ll want to hire good, talented people who have a demonstrated track record for success. 

However, don’t forget about your employees after you hire them.

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I Like My Job but I’m Leaving Anyway, Say Young Workers Today

A recent study by Mercer found that 42% of workers today are ready to quit their jobs even though they’re basically happy with them. They may be proud to work for the organizations and have a strong feeling of accomplishment but they are looking for greener pastures anyway. This is more the case with younger workers and senior management than with the older workforce and non-management workers.
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On Call Time – Paid vs Unpaid

Man waitingWhen we wait around for something to happen –  waiting for someone to show up, standing in a long line, counting down the minutes till we leave for an appointment, or being on call – we seem to do a little less with our time than we otherwise would. It’s like we can’t get too involved because our activity might get cut short.

Waiting can be annoying, but being on call can interfere with life in a more serious way. If half your week’s schedule is on call, as is the case in many retail environments these days, it can be very hard to move forward or make plans.

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How to Make Telecommuting Work for Your Company

running a business from home

Telecommuting seems to be a mixed bag of benefits and problems in the minds of many employers but it doesn’t have to be. If implemented and managed carefully, working from home could offer nothing but benefits for the right people.

We have a lot of experience with telecommuting here at – many of our employees telecommute and we offer software that makes it easier to manage telecommuters.

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