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Category: Human Resources

How to Switch Employees from Salary to Hourly

Switching fish bowlsIn light of the new overtime rule, employers will be switching many of their salaried employees over to hourly. A common misconception regarding an employee’s exemption status, i.e. whether the employee is hourly or salaried, is that if they perform certain job duties, they must be considered exempt. This is not true. The FLSA states that in order to be considered exempt an employee has to meet all of the following tests:

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Securely Store Your Employee Paperwork Online

Digital files stored onlineIf you’re like the majority of businesses these days, you’re probably trying to get away from filing cabinets full of paper records. The internet makes this possible with apps that cater to nearly every business need. Employee paperwork is no different.

For file storage you could, of course, use Dropbox or any other online storage app but doesn’t it make sense to keep your employee files alongside other employee records?

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Top 13 HR Pages on the Web

Best HR BlogsThere are hundreds of HR blogs on the web – some good, some great, some popular, some unnoticed. I’ve put together what I think is the best of the web, at least the web that I have seen (don’t be offended if you didn’t make the list).

Whatever kind of HR information you are looking for, whether it’s legal information, best practices, news, trends, or opinions, you can find it here. (The following pages are listed in no particular order.)

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Guide to Giving Holiday Bonuses

At first thought, it probably seems like giving holiday bonuses is pretty cut and dry. You either have the money to give employees cash or you don’t. But it’s really not this simple at all.

If you don’t give cash, then what do you give? Gifts? Time-off? A holiday party? If you do give cash, how much do you give and should everyone get the same amount? And what happens if you give nothing at all?
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