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Category: Productivity

6 Things You Should Do at Work Before Leaving for Vacation

a checklist

Although taking time off is very exciting, it’s not a great idea to let yourself mentally check out before you’ve left the office. If you don’t prepare correctly, you’ll find yourself with an abundance of phone calls, emails, missed meetings, and questions from colleagues upon your return. To avoid stress when you come back from vacation, we’ve provided a checklist to help you prepare for your departure.

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Why Good Leadership Improves Employee Time Management

Contributed by: Julianna Bevan

Team works together to manage time

Employee time management skills have a direct impact on business outcomes and so good leaders should put more emphasis on helping employees improve at it. Some people learn time management skills early in life, which they can draw on at work to be productive. For others to manage their time effectively, they need external encouragement, maybe some training, a conducive environment, and the use of organizational tools. Good leadership can be the instrument of productivity for employees that lack internal motivation. With help, these employees can learn to manage their time more efficiently and start excelling at work.

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How to Overcome Procrastination and Boost Productivity

Procrastination vs. Productivity

Contributed by Ashley Andrews

A colleague of mine at our office told me about a breakthrough he had made years ago when he worked from home.

He used to procrastinate a lot during the work day. He’d say, “I’ll just watch the cricket on TV today, and catch up tomorrow”. Then, the next day, there would be another excuse.

Eventually, after a warning from his boss, he reined this in, and stopped procrastinating. Not surprisingly, he saw a corresponding rise in his productivity. This got him thinking about his productivity. Now that he was changing habits, he decided to try to become even more productive. He realized that the less he procrastinated, the more time he gained back and so he started working on better utilizing that time he was gaining.

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6 Tips to Boost the Immune System in Time for Flu Season

Fit woman that eats well

In offices around the country are bottles of hand sanitizer on employee’s desks and signs reminding employees to wash their hands. Managers tell employees to stay home if they’re feeling under the weather and employees cautiously stay away from anyone coughing or sneezing. Flu season is upon us and nobody wants to get sick. But does avoiding germs really work?

It seems like everyone is careful to avoid germs but everyone is still getting sick. So what gives?

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How Sports Can Make You More Productive at Work

Woman running in the city

I’ve liked running most of my life. I ran to clear my head, to get somewhere faster, or for the sake of getting exercise. All of those are great reasons to run, but running took on a totally different form when I started running as a sport – when I added a long term goal to my casual jog.

When I first picked out a race, payed for it, and told all my friends I was going to run it, I didn’t know how much time I was going to spend training. I definitely didn’t know how all that training was going to change me and, in particular, the way I do my work.

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4 Tips to Boost Productivity After a Holiday Weekend

Friends having a bbq
Long weekends are a bit of a double edged sword. It’s nice to have an extra day off but what most of us do with that extra day can be exhausting. We try to fit in as much time outside as possible, as many moments with friends as they’ll allow us, as much good food as we can hope to digest, and as much activity as our bodies can tolerate. The three day weekend arrives and it is go time.

Tuesday arrives and the words, “I need one more day to recover” echo all across the country. But with good planning and the right attitude, you can “recover” right at your desk.


Career Growth for Women – 4 Tips to Empower You

Contributed by: Gloria Martinez

career growth for women

A new year often brings with it hopes for renewal, growth, and opportunity. In many cases, women look to a new year as the time to make some changes in their careers. For some women, career growth means a complete career change; for others, it means advancing within their current company. Whatever the goal, our tips will help you get started.

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More Reasons to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Staying healthy is a challenge during the holidays. With so much good food around, it’s hard to eat well. With so much to do, it’s hard to make time for exercise. But we all know it’s important. Losing weight is a common ambition, albeit a difficult one to stick to. Avoiding medications is another reason many strive to eat healthier. There are lots of reasons to eat well and exercise, but have you ever heard of this one? Better health can make you better at your job.

Health affects more than just the way we look and feel but also how well we think and perform.

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