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Category: Software Features & Tips

Where and How People Use

Employee looking at graphs, data

Contributed by Joel Slatis

On any given day, many thousands of people, all around the world use to record their work time. It’s happening somewhere in the world right now, even as you’re reading this. Google records all that usage in a big database where we can later analyze the data.

A bunch of us in the office love data and looking at dorky graphs and charts. This time, we thought it would be fun to share some of them with you as well. We looked at data from the last 2 million (or so) visits, sorted by location and software. Here’s a few of the stats from our little piece of the electronic world:

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Employee and Manager Timesheet Notifications

Looking at Notifications on her mobile You can set up automated mobile and email notifications with so that you get a text or email when certain things happen with your workforce.

For example, some managers want to know when employees come and go. We’ll let you know about this. We’ll also let you know when payroll is approaching so your don’t forget to pay your employees on time, and many other important events.

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Employee GPS Time Tracking – View Locations On a Map

Clock punch location on a mapFor businesses whose employees work outside of the office, keeping track of their locations can be a daunting task. At the end of the day you get job tickets that list their locations but sifting through those tickets and matching them up with actual timecards is just about too difficult to even bother with. You pretty much have to believe that employees are where they say they are and that their timesheets are accurate.

Thankfully, the days of written job tickets are over. Time spent on customer jobs is tracked online now and the employee’s location at those jobs for those customers are recorded along with them.

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Securely Store Your Employee Paperwork Online

Digital files stored onlineIf you’re like the majority of businesses these days, you’re probably trying to get away from filing cabinets full of paper records. The internet makes this possible with apps that cater to nearly every business need. Employee paperwork is no different.

For file storage you could, of course, use Dropbox or any other online storage app but doesn’t it make sense to keep your employee files alongside other employee records?

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Why is Your Payroll Bigger Than Expected?

Checking over budget and payrollHave you ever run payroll and found that your cost is much higher than expected? In some industries, like dental offices, for example, payroll costs should be pretty constant. Your same five employees come to work every day and work their set shift. They take off when they’re sick or on vacation and your time-off policy compensates them for it. They don’t need to stay late or come in early most of the time – the office is open on a pretty set schedule.

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Electronic Signatures On the Timesheet

It’s almost counter-productive to have employees log their hours in the cloud, eliminating paper records, just to print out timecards, make employees sign them, and then stick them in a paper file somewhere. If you’re using an online service to track employee time, you may as well keep the whole process in the cloud and have employees sign their timesheets online too.

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Our New Customer Support Section Is Live!

We believe customer service is key in providing a great product. That’s why we have always worked hard to provide our customers with quality support.

Phone support is still our number one priority but we want you to have options – everyone has their own learning style, after all – and so we created an extensive, online library of answers, detailing every feature and action you could possibly want to know about.

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