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Employer’s Liability in Employee On-the-Job Auto Accidents

Driver inspecting damage after car accident

If you reimburse your employees for mileage, there are some things you should know about your role in the unlikely event that your employee is involved in an auto accident.

When employees hop in their cars to run errands for work, employers might feel released of liability – out of sight, out of mind, right? Employees are in their own cars, for which they (better) have their own insurance. If they cause an accident, that’s their problem, right? Possibly, but sometimes, the liability can fall on the employer.

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How to Choose a Payroll Schedule – Infographic

Payroll schedules infographicMost companies have several choices as to which payroll schedule to use. There are four that are allowed in the US. They are: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly. The four choices all have their own pros and cons. This graphic should help a business owner get a handle on the right choice for their company.

Not all of these schedules, however, are available to use in all states. Be sure to check this list for payday frequency requirements by state. The options vary by state and even by occupation in some instances.



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We want to say thank you to all our past and present clients who helped make last year so great. We released quite a few features updates as we constantly strive to create a better user experience for our rapidly growing user-base. We are planning an equally productive year for 2017 too! Our website will be getting a makeover in the beginning of the year and features updates will be coming out regularly throughout the year. Stay tuned for some exciting changes!

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More Reasons to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Staying healthy is a challenge during the holidays. With so much good food around, it’s hard to eat well. With so much to do, it’s hard to make time for exercise. But we all know it’s important. Losing weight is a common ambition, albeit a difficult one to stick to. Avoiding medications is another reason many strive to eat healthier. There are lots of reasons to eat well and exercise, but have you ever heard of this one? Better health can make you better at your job.

Health affects more than just the way we look and feel but also how well we think and perform.

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Where and How People Use

Employee looking at graphs, data

Contributed by Joel Slatis

On any given day, many thousands of people, all around the world use to record their work time. It’s happening somewhere in the world right now, even as you’re reading this. Google records all that usage in a big database where we can later analyze the data.

A bunch of us in the office love data and looking at dorky graphs and charts. This time, we thought it would be fun to share some of them with you as well. We looked at data from the last 2 million (or so) visits, sorted by location and software. Here’s a few of the stats from our little piece of the electronic world:

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5 Helpful Tax Time Tools for Stressed Out Business Owners

Woman doing her taxesContributed by Julie Morris

Though it’s still a few months away, you’re probably already starting to feel some anxiety about tax time. Adding one more thing to a busy business owner’s to do list is bad enough but the stress of making a mistake on your taxes can be maddening. The good news is there are many helpful tools for business owners to better navigate this “taxing” process. Here are a few to check out.

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Breach of Contract and Morale Issues Threaten Businesses After Injunction

Employees looking sad in a crisis

Changing the overtime threshold was never going to be easy but pausing the rule complicates things in a big way. Do employers undo what was already done – take back their promises of a salary increase or eligibility for overtime? How will employees deal with the news? What does the law allow?

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Judge Issues Injunction Against the New Overtime Rule

The new overtime rule employers have begrudgingly prepared for and employees have eagerly awaited over the last several months received a nationwide injunction by a Texas judge, Tuesday.

This news comes only 10 days before the DOL’s new rule was scheduled to go into effect and after many businesses had already started preparing for it.

The rule was challenged by 21 states and over 50 business groups and, while a federal judge in Texas reviews the potential impact of president Obama’s overtime rule, the deadline is on hold. With the Trump administration taking over the DOL in January and a republican held congress, it’s conceivable that rule will undergo some changes, but what those might be is anyone’s guess.

For now, businesses are advised to continue to make plans, assuming some kind of change to the overtime threshold will take place.

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