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HR, Payroll, and Employee Management Tips for Small Business Posts

Reduce Employee Turnover: Let Them Have Fun

Ever have one of those bosses who guides the team back to business a minute into goofing off? From the boss’s perspective, he’s paying a lot of money for this chuckle, a chuckle his employees could just save for after work. It’s like an extra paid break and that’s just not fair, right? But from the employees’ perspective, the time they spend at work is nearly half of their waking lives and the expectation to work seriously the whole time, leave friendships outside the office, and only look up from work once per day at lunch is the fast track to burn out.


Time Tacking for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents have some very specific needs for monitoring employees. First of all, they usually run very small offices with anywhere from 2 to 15 employees, and need a system that is intuitive and affordable. They typically don’t have HR departments and usually don’t have the resources to outsource, and so require some kind of informal HR tracking. While they try to keep their offices as friendly and family-like as possible, they sometimes feel concerned that they are paying some employees for hours they don’t actually work and need some way to protect against that.

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Remote Employees: 5 Ways to Engage and Manage Them

Work from anywhere

Contributed by JT Ripton.

As the modern business world becomes more dependent on independent contractors and remote workers, the models of leadership have to change. Today’s manager has to use every tool at his or her disposal to make sure every member of the team is on the same page, whether in person or telecommuting. Here are some strategies to keep remote employees engaged and on-task.

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The Last Paycheck – When Terminated Employees Need to Be Paid

The exact date at which employees need to receive their final paycheck upon termination is a mystery to many small business owners. The fact that there are laws surrounding the issue at all vexes many who are responsible for paying employees. And it’s not surprising. State laws are complicated and the fed has no laws about it at all.

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How to Choose the Best Pay Schedule For Your Company

calendar for pay schedule

One of the many choices a company must make when starting out is how often to run payroll. Which pay schedule a company chooses depends on a few factors like which state they live in, whether employees earn overtime, and who does their payroll and what it costs. With that in mind, there are four most commonly used payroll schedules in the U.S to choose from.