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How to Get Forgetful Employees to Remember to Clock In

Starting new habits is hard. When our sales and customer service teams began using chat, they had to remember to open the application each day when work began. It’s such a simple task but since it wasn’t part of the daily routine, it’s tough to remember. While we struggled to make this a habit, I jotted down some of our tricks to deal with forgetfulness.

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Improve Employee Productivity With Good Management Habits

Employee colaboration in a meeting

There are a lot of reasons why employees might not be at the top of their game. Maybe they’re having personal issues. Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep. Maybe they’re excited about something. This is all pretty normal. Employees are human and have their ups and downs, but when the lack of productivity becomes a regular thing, there is either something really serious going on outside of work or, more likely, there are some flawed management practices at play.


Early Employees As Costly As Late Ones

We hear a lot about employee absenteeism. It can have a really negative impact on a business. Stores don’t open on time, customers don’t get the help they need, and since other employees have to bear the weight of it even their productivity suffers.

Absenteeism is definitely bad for business but so is prematurism (what would you call that anyway?), or in other words, early clock-in.

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