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Tax Form 1099-K: Should You Expect this Surprise in Your Mailbox next February?

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Running a small business is stressful enough without any nasty surprises. The last thing you want when you’re worried where your next gig will come from and if that one guy will ever pay you is a monkey wrench thrown in your well-oiled machine at the last minute!

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Employee vs Contractor – Understanding the Employment Relationship

employee vs contractorWorkers can be classified as either an employee or independent contractor. Many employers would prefer classifying all their workers as contractors because it saves them money, but it’s not that simple.

The IRS and the DOL have laws regarding employee classification. Whether to classify a worker as an employee vs contractor is a matter of what type of work the worker does and how it’s done. I’ll show you how to understand this employment relationship so that you can be compliant with the IRS and the FLSA.