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What To Do When Employees Don’t Show Up for Work – Make an Attendance Policy

Create an attendance policy for employees that don't show up for work, no call no show

The excuses employees give when they’re late or don’t show up for work can be a little hard to believe sometimes. Hearing them again and again can be tiresome too. Nevertheless, you should treat each case individually and with care because sometimes absences happen for good reason. Create an attendance policy that deals with tardies, excessive absences, and the dreaded no call no show.


Employee Attendance – Problems and Policies

employee attendance

Attendance policies vary from one company to the next. Some are strict, some are lenient and, some are non-existent. But no matter which kind of attendance policy you have (or don’t have), employee attendance is important because you can’t run a business without people.

The need for a strict attendance policy depends on the nature of the business, the employee’s position, and on their shift. There is no one size fits all attendance policy and so businesses should take the time to familiarize themselves with the options. The following are some different types of policies as well as how some companies go about disciplining their employees for attendance problems.

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8 Ways to Help Employees Remember to Clock In

remember to clock in

Missing timecards and incomplete timesheets are some of the biggest employee management hassles. Employers must pay employees for time they work regardless of whether they remember to clock in. For this reason, if employees don’t turn in timesheets, someone has to go chasing after them. This can take up ridiculous amounts of time depending on the size and dispersion of a team. If your employees forget to clock in, or if they forget anything, offer them the following helpful tips.

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How to Get Forgetful Employees to Remember to Clock In

Starting new habits is hard. When our sales and customer service teams began using chat, they had to remember to open the application each day when work began. It’s such a simple task but since it wasn’t part of the daily routine, it’s tough to remember. While we struggled to make this a habit, I jotted down some of our tricks to deal with forgetfulness.

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