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Finding the Right Payroll Expert

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Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. For small businesses, doing your own billing and payroll might be the way to go, but what about a growing business? When business is booming, you don’t want to spend time keeping your books up to date, processing payroll, entering tax write -offs, or searching for missing tax information. You want to focus on the future of your business, rather than dealing with paperwork. This is why business owners are hiring payroll experts to take care of their financial needs. 

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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Payroll Expert

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Payroll is one of the most important aspects of business– it builds financial stability among employees and boosts team morale. Many businesses, especially small businesses, tend to take payroll into their own hands and avoid outsourcing payroll. Managers and business owners spend hours calculating everything themselves, often times juggling other roles in the business at the same time. Taking care of your own payroll works when your business is just starting out, but this should be avoided when the business grows.

Once business is booming, it’s wise to bring in a payroll expert to make sure that you save yourself time, headaches, and money. This will allow you to focus on the growth of the business rather than worrying about whether or not your employees are going to get paid on time. Additionally, without a payroll expert, there’s a chance that you can make a mistake. Mistakes can lead your business to legal penalties, so getting some help might not be a bad idea.


4 Signs You Under Charge Clients and How to Fix It

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Freelancers often start out (and end) charging too little for their services. It’s easy to feel like you’re asking too much – especially when your fee is more than you yourself have ever paid for anything – but businesses have bigger budgets than most individuals have so it’s more likely that you under charge your clients than over charge them.

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What Online Timesheets Are Good For, and What They’re Not

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Online time tracking is a great way to glean information about employee work habits, to learn about the progress of projects, to help make certain types of business decisions, and to easily run payroll and billing. Not tracking time online is almost as crazy as not using a smartphone in today’s world, but let’s not get carried away. Online time tracking isn’t magic fairy dust either.

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Top 10 Reasons Organizations Make the Switch to Online Time Tracking

Online time tracking is a clear winner over other methods for the following reasons:

Payroll Savings

Companies save money when time clock recording is accurate. When employees round up to the nearest quarter of an hour (which is common for most employees), they’re adding at least a half hour per day that they didn’t work to their time sheets. This adds up to two and a half hours per week per employee! That adds up to thousands over a year.

Accurate Billing

In order to bill clients accurately, project employees must record their time spent on each project for each client. You really can’t afford for your entire workforce to guesstimate on how much time they spend on a project. That’s why we’ve made project tracking super easy to use for employees. Time can be entered in one of three ways and gets sorted by project, customers, or task.

Affordable Pricing offers some of the most affordable and flexible pricing in the industry. You can add or subtract users at any time in the billing cycle. We also offer a free month with a year subscription!

Free Features

All the features you see on our website are included in the monthly dues (except Photo Timestamp). And every new feature we come out with is also a part of the package. We frequently add new customer requests at no extra charge. Just ask us!


You can run payroll from anywhere. Time card adjustments can be made at anytime. There is nothing to download, nothing to sync. offers the ultimate in ease and accessibility.


Have employees in different cities, dotted around the country, or spread all over the globe? Employees can enter time from anywhere there is an internet connection. They can enter time and expenses from a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. Any administrator can log in and access the entire workforce’s time sheets from anywhere.

Increase in Employee Productivity

Productive employees are focused and efficient workers. Accounting for their time helps employees focus, and the simplicity of our service keeps them efficient. Employees can easily request time off and get back to work. They can track time spent on in house projects and time spent for customers. They and their employers will see where they spend their time. This accountability is a great recipe for productivity.

Integration with QuickBooks

Our QuickBooks integration is slick! After the initial setup, you won’t need to do anything but click to initiate communication between the two programs. All the payroll and billing data transfers seamlessly.

Free Account Setup and Support

Our trained staff are here to help all our customers get their accounts set up just right. Of course, it’s easy enough to do on your own but having the ear of an expert on hand can sure be helpful. Our support staff is available to help you with all your time and expense needs.

No Fees

We don’t have any hidden charges. There is no tax on top of your subscription and there are no startup or cancellation fees!


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Should You Charge By the Hour Or By the Project?

Businesses can charge clients either by the hours spent on a project or by a set amount towards the entire project or tasks of the project. A web based time tracking system is invaluable for billing clients accurately by the hour. And a reliable system to track clients and work-history is important when you’re charging by the project. A time tracking system like keeps track of both clients and projects, plus the time spent working on them, either for freelancers or for entire an workforce.

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