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Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

Contributed by: Sophia Conti

Content marketing strategy

You’ve probably heard that “content is king”. Maybe you’ve even created a blog and taken the first step towards building a content marketing strategy. If so, good job. This is increasingly important as consumers become immune to traditional sales pitches and advertising methods. Companies must start delivering their marketing in another way. Original content is that vehicle.

Creating content that is useful or entertaining to your target audience draws organic traffic and social media shares. This in turn increases leads and conversions. Establishing and implementing a content marketing strategy isn’t easy but you can reap the benefits even with limited resources. This post highlights some key elements of content marketing and provides resources for developing your content marketing strategy.

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5 Writing Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Master

Business writing

Contributed by Julie Petersen

Entrepreneurs are well known as passionate and proactive professionals who are able to put business ideas into practice. This is a talent not everyone possesses, just like writing is a talent not all entrepreneurs possess. It is, however, a very important skill to master. Entrepreneurs can be so much more effective when they learn to express their ideas and passions in writing.

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7 Ways Your Staff Can Help Your Marketing

Marketing meeting

Employees are so much more than paid workers – they are ambassadors for your brand and everything that your business stands for. As members of your company, they are closely acquainted with the products or services that you offer, as well as being keenly aware of your customers’ needs. And this second part is particularly important, because as every good marketer knows, effective content and social media marketing ultimately comes down to providing value for the customer. So who better to get involved in this process than your own staff? Here are seven ways to involve your employees in your marketing efforts, for better results.