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How to Handle Bad Reviews About About Your Company

Hopes and dreams shattered by bad review

Bad reviews are always pretty horrifying for a small business owner or head of marketing when one hits their inbox. There’s this heart stopping feeling like your reputation is ruined and the business will cease to grow.

While bad reviews can indeed make your product or service look bad, these days, negative reviews are just a part of doing business. It’s best to keep calm and deal with them methodically, rather than freak out and make a rash rebuttal.

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Five Trends in Customer Service Innovation

customer service innovation

Contributed by JT Ripton

The balance in power has shifted. In the past, businesses provided customer service but were free to set their own tone and level of engagement. If a customer didn’t like being put on hold, pressing endless options, or repeating their information to countless reps, there was more or less nothing the customer could do.

How times have changed.

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