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4 Tips for Building Engagement with Your Remote Employees

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Contributed by Jen McKenzie

More and more companies are utilizing remote workers these days. While there are numerous advantages to doing so, there are challenges too. Remote workers often feel isolated or not part of the group. It’s easy to forget about employees in different locations that you don’t see every day. Here are four practical ways to make your remote employees feel like they are part of your team.

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Standards for Attendance in Business

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Attendance policies vary greatly from one company to the next. Some are strict, some are lenient and, within some companies, attendance policies are altogether non-existent. The need for a strict attendance policy depends on the nature of the business, on the position of the employee, and on the shift during business hours. There is no one size fits all attendance policy. That being said, it’s nice to know what types of policies are out there and how lenient or strict other companies are. The following are some of the policies I’ve heard of and how some companies go about disciplining their employees for attendance problems.

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Guide to Giving Holiday Bonuses

At first thought, it probably seems like giving holiday bonuses is pretty cut and dry. You either have the money to give employees cash or you don’t. But it’s really not this simple at all.

If you don’t give cash, then what do you give? Gifts? Time-off? A holiday party? If you do give cash, how much do you give and should everyone get the same amount? And what happens if you give nothing at all?

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Types of Employee Bonuses

When we think of bonuses, we often think of end of year, maybe Christmas, but bonuses can come at any time and in forms other than cash.

For example, bonuses can be given for a job well done at the completion of a project and the bonus doesn’t have to be cash either. It can be a creative gift. Let’s check out some different types of bonuses and when to give them.


How to Evaluate Employees With a Performance Review

Performance reviews can be a chance for both the employee and employer to discuss goals, needs, salary, and initiatives. Many companies, though, avoid performance reviews, thinking that they are impersonal, threatening, or a waste of time. In fact, they are what the company makes of them. Performance reviews can be easy going, friendly, and highly beneficial to the company and the employee.

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