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Trade Labor Day for Extra PTO

Labor Day can be more of a hassle than it’s worth for anyone driving to or from a big city. Navigating into and out of it can take hours and for what? To pay higher gas prices and higher hotel rates? To visit a crowded outdoor destination like a lake or campground and experience none of the quiet, tranquility of nature? The cacophony of vacationers roars over the scurry of chipmunks and the wind in the trees. Who really wants that?

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Guide to Giving Holiday Bonuses

At first thought, it probably seems like giving holiday bonuses is pretty cut and dry. You either have the money to give employees cash or you don’t. But it’s really not this simple at all.

If you don’t give cash, then what do you give? Gifts? Time-off? A holiday party? If you do give cash, how much do you give and should everyone get the same amount? And what happens if you give nothing at all?

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Closing Payroll Early to Cover Holidays

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Did you know that businesses are supposed to follow regular payroll schedules? Businesses who don’t can get into big trouble so listen up if you’re new to this.

Employers can’t just pay their employees whenever they get paid from their clients and they can’t postpone payroll because they ran into a big expense. Nope. Employees must be paid in a timely manner, all the time. This means that a business should have some reserve for payroll because when the unexpected happens, employees still need to be paid.