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The ABC Test for Independent Contractors Is Not a Federal Rule

independent contractors abc test checklist

The California Supreme Court recently ruled on a change to the test that a hiring entity must use in order to determine if a worker is an independent contractor or not. It’s a much stricter and, as a result, clearer test than what existed before or which exists now with the Department of Labor. Worker classification is notoriously nebulous. Now in California, with the independent contractors ABC test, the definition is much easier to interpret.

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Classifying the Gig Economy Worker

Woman thinking about the gig economy

The gig economy has sparked a lot of discussion surrounding employee rights. While there are no steadfast rules yet on the subject of gig contractors vs gig employees, the topic is maturing as this new employment landscape continues to develop.

In California recently, a federal judge ruled that Grubhub delivery drivers are indeed independent contractors. However, the case is far from closed. Not only does the plantiff’s lawyer plan to appeal the ruling but the California Supreme court is working on drafting a test for these workers. This should help settle the issue overall.

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The Economic Dependence Test for Independent Contractors

The Department of Labor reports that most workers are employees and that classifying employees incorrectly as independent contractors robs employees of their benefits.

It also robs the government of their taxes. You can be sure they are serious about enforcing the FLSA and catching the employers who misclassify their employees.

If you have any doubt about the status of your workers, become familiar with the rules before you classify them as contractors.


Affordable Care Act and the Misclassification of Employees

Employers have always faced penalties for misclassifying employees as independent contractors but now, with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some employers are finding yet another reason to try to skirt around the law.

Under the ACA, employers with 50 or more employees are required to offer health benefits to their workforce. If they don’t make health benefits available by the deadline, the company pays a penalty. You can see, then, how some companies might want to report having fewer than 50 employees so that they don’t have to offer health benefits.

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How to Monitor Quality of Independent Contractors

Contributed by Gina Smith.

Businesses are discovering the many benefits of outsourcing. Often, companies can save thousands of dollars by hiring independent contractors versus full time employees. Contractors perform various functions including information technology, accounting, human resources, marketing and customer service. Outsourced staff can also offer a fresh and objective perspective about your company, products and services. But how do you monitor quality of contractors?

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Employee vs Contractor – Understanding the Employment Relationship

Workers can be classified as either an employee or independent contractor. Many employers would prefer classifying all their workers as contractors because it saves them money, but it’s not that simple.

The IRS and the DOL have laws regarding employee classification. Whether to classify a worker as an employee vs contractor is a matter of what type of work the worker does and how it’s done. I’ll show you how to understand this employment relationship so that you can be compliant with the IRS and the FLSA.