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How to Monitor Quality of Independent Contractors

Contributed by Gina Smith.

Businesses are discovering the many benefits of outsourcing. Often, companies can save thousands of dollars by hiring independent contractors versus full time employees. Contractors perform various functions including information technology, accounting, human resources, marketing and customer service. Outsourced staff can also offer a fresh and objective perspective about your company, products and services. But how do you monitor quality of contractors?

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Employee Outsources His Work To China

In the news today was a funny yet disturbing story about a top notch employee who outsourced his own work to China.

The employee himself made a couple of hundred thousand dollars working as a software developer, but he wasn’t actually the one doing the work. He paid a firm in China $50,000/year to do it all for him. While his Chinese counterpart was working, the American employee surfed the web.

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You Denfinitely Want to Outsource Your Payroll

Outsource work

Payroll is a big job and it takes a lot of training to get it right. If you do it yourself, you have to be very careful. You must be sure that the correct taxes are withheld from your employee’s paychecks, the wages and bonuses are correctly calculated, the correct taxes are paid, that wage and hour laws are followed, and that your employees get paid on time.

Outsourcing payroll is the the best option for most small businesses.