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5 Steps to Setting Up an Effective Telecommuting Policy

Five steps policies

Contributed by Lisa Michaels

Giving employees the freedom to telecommute is a growing trend that helps employers recruit and retain top talent. The convenience and comfort is appealing to employees, and it may even reduce expenses for employers.

But you can’t just send remote workers to the wolves. A company needs a defined policy to make it work.

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Is Use-It-Or-Lose-It a Good Time Off Policy?

Decide to work or take time off

When an employer drafts a time off policy, they have several choices to make: How much time off to give each year, which accrual rate to use, whether to implement a probationary period, and whether to use an accruals cap. When deciding on an accruals cap, some employers choose to clear all of their employee’s time off at the end of the year, rather than just putting a limit on the amount of time employees can earn. Employers don’t always realize it but this type of policy can cause conflicts in work flow and employee engagement.

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5 Things to Consider When Creating a Time Off Policy

Time off policies

Whether your time off rules are so complex no one could possibly understand them without a written policy, or your offering is pretty basic, you should take the time to lay out the details. Besides the amount of time given and the rate at which that time accrues, there are other important considerations that can help both the employer and employee. A policy helps companies cover their bases legally, helps avoid misunderstandings, and just makes it easier for everyone to understand the options and rules.

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Pokemon Go in the Workplace

Pokemon Go in the parkIn the two weeks since its release, Pokemon Go has already had 30 million downloads and generated 35 million dollars. It is already the biggest mobile game ever.

With that kind of rapid growth I think it’s pretty obvious that people aren’t just playing Pokemon Go on weekends and after work. The unprecedented popularity of Pokemon Go could not have grown so quickly if everyone, responsibly, put down their phones for 8 or 9 hours each day. Nope. The fact is, people are playing the game when they’re supposed to be working.

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Why You Need a Sick Time Policy for Salaried Employees

Sick woman at work

Chances are, your company offers sick leave to full time employees, since nearly 80% of full-timers get some sort of sick benefit. But if you don’t, there are a few reasons you might want to consider it.

First, it makes it easier to deal with the legalities of exempt employee salary deductions (more on that in a moment). Second, the office is just healthier when there aren’t sick people wandering the halls. It may seem counter intuitive, but paying an employee to stay home when they’re sick benefits you and your company a great deal.