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HR Resources and Tools for Small Businesses – Do It Yourself HR

woman managing business

Contributed by Sophia Conti

Many small businesses run on the bare essentials. Often, those essentials do not include streamlined and well-planned human resources functions. Even larger businesses fail to establish HR protocols and standard operating procedures. Many believe that HR is too expensive to implement for the minimal purpose it will serve. This may be true for some of the more expensive HR solutions but many HR resources are inexpensive. It helps to understand what human resources can accomplish and how it can benefit the company.

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How Chatbots are Changing Recruitment

chatbots in recruitment

Contributed by Micheal Gilmore

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been evolving steadily over the last few decades, causing significant changes in our personal and professional lives. Today, it is almost impossible to think of a business that doesn’t use AI at least to some extent. In terms of recruiting, AI recently emerged in the form of chatbots.

According to a recent study, as much as 80% of companies claim that they already used or planned to use chatbots by 2020. It’s the future of HR business and you should be ready to embrace it soon. In this article, we will show you how chatbots are changing recruitment.

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5 Tips for Using Snapchat as a Recruiting Tool

snap chat app

Contributed by Eva Wislow

When you’re evaluating potential employees, you’re probably checking out their social media profiles. That’s a smart thing to do. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media profiles give you an impression of a candidate’s character. But that’s not all social media can offer a hiring manager.

Social media not only helps you evaluate a potential candidate, it also enables you to act as a recruiter.

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4 Ways Recruiting is Like Marketing

Hiring employees

Like many small businesses, we don’t have an HR department and we’ve never hired a headhunter to do our hiring. Over the years, I have written our job postings myself when our company needs to hire. I always felt like this was a little outside my expertise but we have had amazing luck finding and hiring the right people over the last 13 years anyway. This always seemed strange to me until I started thinking about it.

A marketing pro is actually a great person to sketch up recruiting copy. After all, marketers know how to use language to target the right crowd and incite interest. And that’s exactly what you want to do when you’re looking for a candidate: Find the right person and get them to like you. Here is what I do when it’s time to hire.