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Comparing Vacation Time Around the World – Infographic

Paid time off

We all look forward to a break from work — a vacation that lets us relax and rejuvenate. However, in America paid time off is a privilege. There are no laws mandating that employers allow a certain amount of time off per year. What’s more, a study found that 51% of Americans do not take all their eligible time off and 61% work while they’re on vacation.

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Working On Vacation In Exchange For Unlimited Time Off

According to recent research commissioned by Ricoh Americas Corporation and conducted online by Harris Interactive, 54% of Americans work while they’re on vacation. They do things like stay on top of emails, keep in touch with co-workers, and take care of small tasks. Generally, employees don’t simply trade working full time at the office for working full time at the beach, but they aren’t disconnecting either. And this, reports Rioch, is bad for worker’s relationships and their health.

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Business Math: Ways to Calculate Vacation Accrual

Calculating by hand

Calculating paid time off can seem daunting to a busy small business owner. There are many rates to choose from and the calculations aren’t always intuitive. For this reason, most small business owners just end up using a yearly accrual rate. This method is easy – you just have to decide how many days employees should get per year and give them in a lump sum.


Vacation Payout in California is Mandatory but Offering Vacation Isn’t

This might sound contradictory at first. Why would you have to pay out vacation if you don’t even have to offer vacation to begin with?

Well, if you choose to offer vacation, you have to follow some rules. You don’t actually have to offer vacation in California at all if you don’t want to (although, it is a perk that employees find desirable so maybe you should!) but if you do decide to implement some vacation benefits, you’ve got to stick to it till the end.