About the Kingmaker Society

The Kingmaker Society

The kingmaker society is made up of small business owners and managers, many of whom are Timesheets.com clients, that work together as a group to solve individual problems of the members.


Why are we called the Kingmakers?

To understand why we are called the Kingmakers, you will need to understand what a Kingmaker really is. In the past, the Kingmaker was a person or group who had a great influence over the royal or political succession that would become the king. We want to become the Kings and Queens of our industry, the best way to do that is by assisting each other in reaching the top.  We are in a position to help our competitors reach the top and they can do the same by lending us a hand with the tips and tricks they used. If we can do this successfully then we can help to build the next generation of great small business owners.


What Makes Us Distinctive                        

There are many forums online but this is what makes us different:

Some answers can’t just be found by doing a simple Google search. Get answers from reputable business owners who understand the place you’re in because they’ve been in your shoes. When your business is on the line we want to be a source of community, so that you can be confident that you are making the best decisions.

Focus – Our focus is on small business professionals, allowing for a dynamic growing environment.

Members – The Kingmakers forum has some of the most encouraging and helpful members in the online community.


Core Values

  • Value: Upholding a  trustworthy membership value proposition.
  • Quality: Offering the finest quality of assistance
  • Service: Going above and beyond in assisting member needs for responses.
  • Integrity: Operating with the highest integrity and truthfulness
  • Excellence: Striving for excellence every day.



We are a proud member of the local Silicon Valley business community and we support various local, national, and international causes through charitable donations.