SEO Tips I Learned This Year

Let’s Talk Business Marketing and Advertising SEO Tips I Learned This Year

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    Thandi Pope
    So getting business to our website has been rough this year to say the least. We had a lot of bumps and huddles along the way but I think we are starting to make some progress so here are things we learned in 2019 that might be helpful to some of you.

    If you use wordpress trust the SEO settings at the bottom of the page, green is good to go which means more traffic to your pages.
    Write longer posts, the more content that is meaningful to the topic the better the traffic flow.
    ALWAYS make sure your links are working that can cost you customers when they can’t find what they need.
    Social Media, Social Media, Social Media…did I say it enough?
    Remember to add that RSS feed for subs
    If you run a blog make sure to guest post, it is a great way to get both parties traffic.

    What tips do you guys have from this year?

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