The first step is having a good plan.


To use this guide, open your account in a separate window.


Create user accounts for your workers and supervisors.

Users can be created as administrators, supervisors or regular workers depending on their responsibilities. In your account, click ADD NEW USER in the left menu to create your users.

Training: Set Up & Configure Users (opens new window)


Train your people.

Hourly workers (for payroll or attendance) will watch this training: Click here.

Project based workers (for billing or job costing) will watch this training: Click here.


Start tracking time.

Once your people are trained, get them started or pick a date and time to begin tracking their time.


Longer Term Planning

Identifying dates for your trial period is a great way maximize efficiency and minimize effort. In other words, if you plan well, you'll succeed. You'll want to pick a training date (if not today) for your people, and your roll-out date when your workers begin tracking time. You'll also want to identify your trial's closing date on which you'll run reports and complete your evaluation of We'll adjust your trial end date to match this plan.


We're Your Free Assistant

You and your team work hard. Let us make implementation easy. You don't have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to rolling out Let us help. We will check your account and user settings, and help you identify the path of least resistance towards full implemenation.