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As a partner selling Timesheets.com time tracking, you'll earn substantial referral commissions!

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Timesheets.com time tracking is an easy sell for millions of business owners and managers looking for a more efficient way to run their businesses. Our award winning service is a fast, inexpensive way to digitize employee time, expense, and HR tracking while saving your customers money and improving their operating efficiency.

As a partner, you will identify and refer likely clients to our service, and we will pay competitive monthly commissions on resulting sales. For more detailed information on Timesheets.com, including a full list of features, please browse our site or contact our friendly staff.

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What are my responsibilities?

Partners are only responsible for referring clients to our staff and are not expected to become expert users or sales people. Timesheets.com will manage the sales and support processes directly, which greatly limits the amount of work that an partner needs to do to be successful. However, we encourage our partners to use our service for their own businesses so that they can better recommend us, but we are happy support you if you choose to train your clients yourself.

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Why should I join the Timesheets.com partner program?

  • It's Easy - You don't need to become an expert in our service. You just need to get businesses to give us a shot with our free trial.
  • High Conversion Rate - Our respected brand, robust features, competitive pricing, and great customer service results in higher than average conversion rates.
  • High Commission Rate - We pay competitive commissions on each and every sale that you send us.
  • 90 Day Cookie - The customers you refer don't have to buy immediately. We use a 90 day tracking cookie to ensure you're credited even on purchases made weeks after clicking through from your site or email.
  • Dedicated partner program manager - If you need anything at all, from more creative material, to advice on how to sell, our partner manager can help you solve your problems.

How do I get started?

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Am I a good fit?

Timesheets.com continually seeks quality companies and individuals in the following areas:

Business Websites

  • Offer a trusted business solution to your readers.
  • Generate new revenue.
  • Establish your site as an authority with high quality banner ads and landing pages.

Payroll Companies

  • Manage your client's payroll easier by administrating their cloud-based time tracking.
  • Increase customer retention by bundling services.
  • Establish or grow your existing payroll business by offering other small business solutions.
  • Retain business and enhance your position as a trusted advisor.

Accounting Professionals

  • Charge upsell fees from your small business clients and increase revenue.
  • Increase customer retention by bundling services.
  • Offer a solution that can be integrated with the services your clients use.
  • Retain business and enhance your position as a trusted advisor.

Staffing and Temp Agencies

  • Sell our branded online time clock solution to the agencies you work with regularly. Maintain an administrator log in to quickly and easily collect employee time reports.
  • Feel confident in the hours your temp employees report at their temp jobs.

Anyone else who thinks they can sell our product

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