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Calendars & Scheduling 1. View & Create Calendars


View Calendars

  1. Click Schedules in the left menu to access the calendar system.

  2. This page defaults to the schedules view, so click Year, Month, or Week to see the calendar.

  3. In the right sidebar are several company calendars you can select or you can create a your own.


Create a Calendar

You can create a new calendar to which you can add events whenever you like.

  1. Enter the name of the calendar

  2. Share the calendar with a group, the whole company, or keep it private.

  3. Shared calendars must be accepted on the Invited tab before they can be viewed. Click the Add/Edit Custom Calendar link to see the Invited tab.


Add Events

In the example below, I have all of my custom calendars selected. To enter a new event, just click into a cell and add the details.