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Calendars & Scheduling 2. Create & Copy a Schedule


Click Schedules in the left menu to create a schedule. On the right, you’ll see options for viewing schedules and overlaying calendars. To create or edit a schedule, click Select Users.

With this form, you can choose specific users, select all users in the company by clicking Select All Groups, or select a whole department by clicking Selecting All for a specific supervisor. Click Update View to load the users onto the page where you can begin working.


Add and Copy Entries

When you click into a cell, a pop up window opens where you can enter details of the shift. If shifts are the same for different days or different employees, drag them around to create more entries quickly.


Publish the Schedule

When you’re ready to share the schedule with your employees select the days you wish to publish with the check boxes at the top of the columns and click the Publish button above the schedule. You can edit or delete any of the entries simply by clicking the entry and making your changes. Making changes to the schedule does not automatically notify your employees so if you make changes, be sure to let them know.


Copy the Schedule

Rather than starting from scratch each week, you can copy your current schedule to the next week. Click the checkboxes at the top of each column and click Copy. This brings up a calendar where you can select your date. Your schedule with start on the day selected.