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Calendars & Scheduling 4. Schedule Sharing Permissions


Without setting any special permissions, administrators and the supervisor of a user can see a user's schedule. Additional permissions for sharing schedules between users need to be adjusted in the user’s settings. From the Dashboard, click the user’s name and then the Options tab. In section 6, you can adjust sharing options to control who else is allowed to view the user’s schedule.

A user’s schedule can be shared with 3 overall groups: superior level users, peer level users, and subordinate level users. A superior is anyone on a higher hierarchical level, a peer is anyone on the same level, and a subordinate is any user on a lower hierarchical level.  Any of these groups can include supervisors or basic users as defined by your hierarchy on the Dashboard. These options allow for a wide variety of setup options.

Since there are many possible ways to set up your permissions, I’m going to describe two of the most common. Note that by default all supervisors can view the schedules of those assigned below them according to the hierarchy on the Dashboard.


Allow all users under one supervisor to see each other’s schedules but not users under other supervisors.

To achieve this, you will need to edit every user in that group. Navigate to the user’s settings, Options tab, setting 6. Then set the following:

  • Leave 6A as the default, “Direct supervisors only”
  • In 6B select “All peers assigned to the same supervisor”
  • Leave 6C set to None


Allow all users in the company to view each other’s schedules.

To achieve this, you will need to edit every user in the company. Navigate to the user’s settings, option tab, setting 6. Then set the following:

  • In 6A select “All superiors in the account” 
  • In 6B select “All peers in the account”
  • In 6C “All subordinates in the account”