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Expenses 1. Expense Setup


On the first page of the Company Settings, check the box beside Mileage & Expense Tracking and click Save. Next, click over to the Expense tab to set a mileage rate if you plan to track mileage expenses. Like all of the primary features, user access to expense sheets can be restricted. Select the box to enable or disable the feature on a user’s Settings page.


Account Wide Settings

The mileage to dollars conversion rate, which you saw in the Company Settings, is the only account-wide setting for expenses. That rate will be used as the default rate for all mileage entries. It can be changed any time and can be edited by a supervisor on individual expenses.


Individual Settings

The only individual setting for expenses relates to Vendors. This setting allows users to create their own Vendors when creating an expense and is located on the Options page of the user's settings.


Using Expenses

Users enter expenses as cash or mileage using a simple form. They can leave notes and upload JPG receipts. Totals are tallied on the user’s expense sheet. Expenses can be associated with Projects for billing and job costing purposes. After a user is reimbursed, the expenses can be marked reconciled by administrators and select supervisors.