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Your Insurance Office Needs Time Tracking. We Can Help. 

Online insurance time tracking ensures your timesheets are accurate. It also helps you gain control of things like overtime and fraudulent time recording. We understand what goes on in your office because we have helped thousands of insurance agents with their time tracking.

Increase Profits

Timesheets.com will save you more money than the cost to use our service. You can eliminate time padding and overtime with a few simple settings, so you don't have to worry about the size of your payroll anymore.

Improve Security

Our system has a full audit trail that records all the changes to every record. Those records are stored in your account. This is important for your peace of mind but, above all, this security keeps you compliant and protected.

Insurance Time Tracking

Your employees clock in online where you can see their entries in real-time. You can enable employees to request edits on their timesheets and then you can approve or deny their requests. When you're ready, run payroll and send your reports off to your payroll processor or import it into QuickBooks. The process is so easy, you'll love it.

Time Off Management

Tracking time off online is so much easier than using spreadsheets or paper. You won't need to calculate people’s balances anymore because it's all done automatically. We’ll also help you get your entire paid time off policy defined, organized, and set up into your account.

Mileage & Expense

If your employees sometimes spend time out of your office, you can use Timesheets.com to track their miles and other bills on the road. Since it’s tied into their account, they’ll never forget to enter an expense. They can even use their phones to upload a photo of a receipt.

Human Resources

Insurance offices aren’t huge companies, so we created Timesheets.com’s simple HR suite to help cover the basics. Our HR documents are designed to help you follow the critical events of an employee’s tenure including performance reviews, incident reports, and termination letters. You can also upload all your employees' documents right here.

See What Our Customers Think

"As a business owner, Timesheets.com has simplified payroll considerably. The web site tracks my employees hours, overtime and time off accurately so it makes payday much easier to handle. I have all my totals with the click of a button. I highly recommend using Timesheets.com. It is well worth the very small expense!"

Laura P.

Insurance Agent

"I would say that this program is an example of how technology can make your life and business run more smoothly, while having the best service and support at the same time from real, intelligent and helpful people who care. I highly recommend Timesheets.com to anyone who is looking for a good, solid timesheet program to use for their business."

Robin T H.


"I would recommend Timesheets to anyone and everyone. It is the best time tracking software out there and integrates beautifully with QuickBooks. Solved my problems wonderfully and is much cheaper than the other software options out there!...My team has never had any issue using Timesheets. It is simple to use on any device, from anywhere."

Annie D.

Office Manager

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