Online Time and Expense Tracking for Your Employees

Online time tracking ensures your office timesheets are accurate. It also helps you gain control of things like overtime and fraudulent recording. We understand what goes on in your office because we've helped thousands of medical professionals with time tracking. 

Useful Tools to Manage Your Medical Office

Track Time for Payroll

View real-time attendance, review time off, monitor leave balances, and generate reports for payroll.

Project Tracking

Track time for billing, job-costing, and productivity. Workers can enter time using timers or with a time entry form. 

Expense Tracking

Keep track of reimbursable expenses, mileage, bonuses, and more. Upload receipts right from phones in real-time.

Human Resources

Document and store employee reviews, commendation letters, termination letters, and more.

Access Anywhere

Enter time and tasks using any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Managers may use GPS or IP solutions for their teams.


Generate reports with ease and flexibility. Reports are created in seconds and will transfer to your payroll and accounting software. 

Customizations That Suit Your Needs

Simplified Time Tracking

Our system accommodates your preferences with multiple data entry points. Your employees only must click a button to clock in or out, making it very easy to enter time. Your employees can also enter important notes directly onto their timesheets to keep the team up-to-date regarding patient care or other important things. 

Time Off Tracking

Our service has configurable time off options that are perfect for medical offices. You can track time off balances, set up custom accrual rates, and you can utilize an organized and effective time off calendar when you're approving time off.

Mobile Time Entry

Our popular mobile-based time tracking is perfect for employees on-the-go and for those at different office locations. GPS tracking services and IP locations are only gathered during their clock punch, so the impact on data is minimal.

See What Our Customers Think

"We are a small company, so we were previously keeping track of everyone's hours, including vacation and sick time, manually using spreadsheets. This was very time consuming and often resulted in errors. Now, everything is done automatically without anyone from our office having to spend too much time monitoring it. It's been so helpful in improving our efficiency."

Gina Z.

Small Business Manager

"I like that my employees are able to submit time off requests and I am notified quickly. It is overall easy to set-up more employees on the account, it does not take a large amount of steps or walk through. Timesheets has been a time friendly way for a small business operator as myself to create a solution...Their customer service won me over."

Adam P.

General Manager

"It's fast & simple. I can easily send in hours manually, send in what PTO I am using/used with absolute ease, & quickly access my hours/details. My favorite feature (on my phone only for security) is that the login screen has the clock in & out option. The software itself is absolutely simple, which is definitely a must when needing to clock in for a shift."

Ashlee H.

Medial Assistant

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