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Online Time Clock

Employees punch in/out of work with just one click from their desks or phones. Admins setup restrictions based on IP. Work notes help keep employees accountable.

Real-Time Activity

See who's clocked in on the Dashboard and get a handle on overtime. Whether sitting at your desk, out in the field, or across the world, you can always check in with your workforce.

Security & Audit Trail

Customize security settings and avoid "buddy punching". Set up authorized locations, and restrict early clock in. Use our audit trail to examine specific records.

Powerful Reporting

Send the Payroll Report to your payroll processor like ADP, Peachtree, or Paychex. Use our QuickBooks integration to run payroll in house. Run tardy reports and location reports.

Mobile Time Entry

Field employees can use our mobile site to enter time and expense records easily and efficiently. Get on the clock fast without having to log into a computer.

GPS Time Tracking

Enable the feature for all or a portion of your workforce. Know which job they're on or just that they're on location and not across town when they clock in.

Paid Time Off

Track time off based on any of several accrual rates: by hours worked, by payroll period, or yearly in a lump sum, and more. Employees make requests. Admins approve.

Supervisor Approvals

Supervisors can be setup to approve the hours of their employees before payroll. Approve time off requests and timesheet edit requests individually or en masse.

Customer Support & Training

Call, chat, or email. Support is always free and friendly. Learn at your own pace with our support site and suite of guides and videos.

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