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The Timesheets.com service currently has five lists:

  • Account Codes
  • Projects
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Events

The lists all work in the same way. To create, edit, or merge an item, click the list in the left menu.

Account Code Uses

Account Codes can be created on the Account Codes page and are used to categorize time when running reports. For instance, if someone records a four hour timestamp, Account Codes can be used to track the task they performed, the location they worked, or even a customer. They are useful for tracking time-off usage, cost rates, tasks, locations, departments, and more. One Account Code can be saved per time or expense entry.

Account Codes can be restricted by feature and to specific users. For example, you could create an Account Code to track reimbursable meal costs and then restrict its use to only specific people. That same account code could also be hidden and unavailable when recording time to prevent someone from using it in an inappropriate way.

Account Codes are designed to help you calculate the costs associated with time worked. You may assign a cost rate to an Account Code, and you can also assign override rates on a per user basis. The rates associated with Account Codes can be used to track variable pay when employees earn different rates for different jobs, or costs associated with specific tasks.