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In order to track billing revenue and costs from time worked, you may choose to associate a bill rate with Projects and a cost rate with Account Codes. These rates are then used when time is entered into the system to calculate the overall billing or cost totals.

Bill and cost rates can be set up and edited in a few places within the system:

  1. Globally
  2. Per User
  3. On the Timecard

Global Setup

You set the global default values when you first create a Project or Account Code.

Per User Setup

You can override these defaults on any individual's Settings page. From the Dashboard, click the user’s name to get to the Settings page and then click on either the Project or Account Codes tab to set the overrides. You can also select which Project or Account Code the dropdown menu defaults to when the user enters time.

Changes on the Timecard

In addition to setting default and override rates, the bill and cost rates on individual project timestamps can be changed on-the-fly by a supervisor who has been granted the proper permissions to do so. Both the manual entry and edit forms include editable bill and cost rate fields.