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Supervisor Settings are accessed by clicking on a supervisor’s name from the Dashboard and then the Supervisor Settings tab. As a security measure, supervisors are initially provisioned with the most restrictive settings to prevent accidentally giving supervisors access to unintended features. The default settings don't give the supervisor any more permissions than a regular employee, so make sure to visit the supervisor's Settings page and select the appropriate permissions.

Hierarchical Permissions

As an additional security measure, supervisor settings are hierarchically designed in two distinct ways:

  1. Supervisors may not be granted access to a feature that their boss does not already also have access to. For example, if you wish to grant a low level supervisor named Jim access to edit user timesheets, then Jim’s supervisor Bob must first have been granted access to that same feature. If Bob doesn’t have access to edit timesheets, you will not be able to grant that access to Jim until you first grant it to Bob. This hierarchical restriction prevents a low level supervisor from having access to features his boss doesn’t also have.
  2. Supervisors may not be granted access to certain features without first having access to other features. For example, you cannot grant Jim access to create or archive user accounts if Jim doesn’t already have access to edit user settings. In this example, you would be prevented from giving Jim the ability to create new accounts because without first having the ability to edit a user’s settings, it doesn’t make sense that he could create a new account and then not be able to edit that user’s settings. The Supervisor Settings page is designed to help you identify these dependencies by putting the required settings higher up on the page. For example, you must first have granted access to Setting 1 before you are allowed to grant access to Settings 2 or 3.