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You can navigate your entire account from the Dashboard. Along the left and the top right are menus where you can access all of the features, lists, and administrative settings. In the center of the page there are four tabs relating specifically to your users.

  1. Return to the Dashboard here.
  2. Click to add a new user.
  3. Edit customers, projects, and other lists by clicking these links.
  4. Click names for employee settings such as overtime and accruals.
  5. This is your real-time status for hourly users. Click to clock users in and out manually.
  6. Click real-time payroll hours to view and edit hourly timesheets.
  7. Click real-time project hours to view and edit project timesheets.
  8. Click the accumulated expenses to view and edit the expense sheets.
  9. Customize global settings here.

Time & Expense Tab

Quick Links

This page contains all of the links to your users' record sheets. Click the user’s name to get to their Settings page. Click the link under the Hourly, Project, and Expense columns to get to those record sheets.

Clock Users In and Out

On each user's row you will see the time they clocked in and if they are on the clock. In that same column, you have the option to clock users in and out. Click the time-in to clock the user out and click the faint, grey "Clock-in" to clock a user in.

Time-Off Tab

This tab gives you a snapshot of your users' remaining accrual balances and any time-off they requested on the current pay period. You can also adjust users’ time off settings and add new time off entries from here.

Human Resources Tab

On this tab your users are organized alphabetically and contain links to their saved HR Docs, Notes, and employee files.

Inactive Users Tab

User accounts are never deleted; they are saved in the inactive users archive. Their information is still accessible via reports at any time. If you want to reinstate a user, you can do that by reactivating the user from this tab.