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You enter the Setup Wizard when you login to your account for the first time. You can return to it at anytime by clicking Company Settings in the upper right corner of your account.

Features Tab

Turn on and off the following features:

  • Hourly time tracking for payroll
  • Project time tracking for billing
  • Expenses
  • Customers
  • Status Updates
  • Company Directory

Company Tab

  • Update company information
  • Enable employee time zone editing
  • Add email recipients for status reports
  • Customize Signing Statement Text for Printed Signatures

Note: On printed timecards, a default text sits beneath the signature lines. You can write your own text to be printed on these reports if you choose. You will not, however, want to enter your employee's or supervisor's names here. Names appear elsewhere on the timecard.

Hourly Tab

  • Setup pay periods for payroll or accountability - Setting the dates will make running payroll quicker.
  • Setup overtime policies on a global basis - This can be customized by individual in a user's Settings. Daily overtime is used in California, Weekly for most of the rest of the United States. Check your local employment lawyer to confirm what type of overtime is used in your state.
  • Configure personal time-off - Three customizable categories are accruable, meaning that time is added to a user’s bank of time-off based on some preset time increment. The other three are non-accruable, meaning that they are used occasionally and users do not earn this time.
  • Review permissions - You should setup the system to require authorization for all edits. This way, employees can use the system to request changes to their time and the supervisor can authorize them online. This keeps all notes and requests in one place and helps ensure an accurate audit trail.
  • Enable paid breaks, rounding, and other settings - Paid breaks might be used in States that require employers offer paid breaks.

Project Tab

  • Setup global settings for entering and editing project time - If you choose to require supervisor approval for all time entries and edits, you will get a notification each time one of your employees enters time.
  • Require approval for manual entries - Manual entry is the typical method of entering project time. The only reason you might turn this off is because you prefer to have your employees track all project time using timers. When this is the case, you might not want them to edit or delete their records.
  • Allow project users to view project descriptions - You can enter a description with each project you track. Choose to keep them private or share them with employees.
  • Allow users to start simultaneous timers
  • Setup minimum time increments - Rather than tracking project time by the minute, you can track it by increments. This may be useful for billing.
  • Default new project time to billable or unbillable - Your default should be the most common type of entry your company makes. It can always be adjusted on individual entries.

Expense Tab

If you are tracking mileage, set the mileage rate your company uses. Other expense related setup can be done from the Expense Menu.

Security Tab

  • Setup access restrictions for Photo Timestamp, Geolocation Tracking, IP Address Lockdown
  • Set a cut off date for manual entries
  • Enable automatic, required password changes

Data Export Tab

  • Enter the payroll processor's email address for quick report emailing
  • Configure various download formats, like QuickBooks, ADP, Ceridian, Paychex, Payroll Relief, Polaris Payroll, and many more