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Click the Add New User Account item in the left menu. Follow the prompts for adding a single user or use the Excel form to add a list of users all at once. The Excel document itself contains instructions.

Creating a New User With Online Form

  1. Click the Add New User link in the left menu
  2. Enter first name, last name, and email (email address is optional but makes password recovery easier)
  3. Choose the password delivery method
  4. Select the type of user
  5. Select the timezone (select daylight savings time or none)
  6. Set the access level
  7. Select to whom the user reports
  8. Select which of the primary features you want the user to have access to

Clicking Save New User displays a green banner with the user’s username and password. The system always assigns a numeric user ID but the user may also use his email address if one was entered. You will get a confirmation email with the login information.