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Disable User Login

You might want to prevent a user from logging into their account without actually deactivating the user. Disabling a user keeps the user on the Time & Expense tab of the Dashboard as an active user, giving you a chance to run your final reports before deactivating the user. When a user is disabled, they can no longer log in and track their time but it does not free up a user license. If you need to do that, you should deactivate the user.

To disable a user, click on the user’s name from the Dashboard and click the Disable User button at the bottom of the user's Settings page.

If you happen to re-open a Pay Period Report with a deactivated user in the report, the user will be re-activated in a locked state. After you close out that report again, you should deactivate the user.

Deactivate a User

Deactivating a user places all of the user's information in the archives. You can still run reports on deactivated users but you won't have access to edit their settings and user details without reactivating.

Deactivating users frees up user licenses. You can either use these licenses to add new users or reduce your license level.

To deactivate a user, click on the user’s name from the Dashboard and then the Deactivate User button at the bottom of the page. There are a few conditions you will need to meet before you are able to deactivate a user's account:

  • The user cannot be clocked-in
  • There can be no alerts for that user
  • All time must be closed or archived
  • Expenses must be reconciled

To reduce your license level, click My Account in the upper right hand corner of your account and then click Add or Remove Licenses or Premium Services.

Reactivate a User

User accounts can be reactivated by visiting the Inactive Users tab at the top of the Dashboard and then clicking Reactivate beside the user you wish to reactivate. You must have sufficient licenses to do this.

Termination Letters

Before deactivating a user, you may want to create a termination letter. Click the user's name from the Dashboard and then the HR Docs button. Select Termination Letter from the dropdown menu. Fill out the form and save.

Running Reports

You do not need to reactivate user accounts to run reports on their data. To run a report on a deactivated user, use the customizable reports on the Reports page. Deselect the Include All Active Employees option and scroll down to the table of Archived Employees where you can make specific selections.